Author: Trent Hone

Mr. Hone resides in Arlington Virginia . Mr. Hone is a highly regarded expert in the U.S. Navy’s operations, doctrine and tactics. He is the co-author (with Thomas Hone) of Battle Line, the United States Navy 1919-1939 (Naval Institute Press: 2006) and has published articles on the U.S. Navy in Journal of Military History, Naval History, War in History and the International Journal of Naval History




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"What a book! Battle Line masterfully evokes the interwar Navy and explains how it carried the seeds of World War II victory—and, for that matter, the seeds of the current Navy, too. Tom and Trent Hone show how that Navy was designed to fight, and how and why its less visible aspects, such as its organization, supported that capability. No one else has provided so deep or so broad an account."—NORMAN FRIEDMAN author of The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapon Systems

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