Vincent P. O’Hara of Chula Vista California is a naval historian and the author of  The German Fleet at War 1939-1945 (Naval Institute Press: 2004), The U.S. Navy Against the Axis: Surface Combat 1941-1945 (Naval Institute Press: 2007), and Struggle in the Middle Sea: Great Navies at War in the Mediterranean 1940-45 (Naval Institute Press: 2009) and with Enrico Cernuschi  Dark Navy: The Regia Marina and the Armistice of September 1943.  His work has appeared in many periodicals. 

W. David Dickson of Hernando, Mississippi is an authority on naval doctrine, communications, and tactics. Mr. Dickson is author of The Battle of the Philippine Sea (Ian Allen: 1974) and his work has appeared in U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Warship International and Naval War College Review. His contributions have been acknowledged by many authors including Jonathan Parshall, Barrett Tillman, Mark Peattie, John Lundstrom, and Anthony Tully.
Richard Worth of Bolivar, Missouri, has been writing professionally for thirty years. His credits include the books Fleets of World War II (Da Capo: 2001), In the Shadow of the Battleship (Nimble: 2008), and Raising the Red Banner (Spellmount: 2008). He is a contributor to the Warship International and Warship journals.

Books by W. David Dickson

"When I found David's book I felt as if I'd dropped into The Big Rock Candy Mountain.  The text is solid; the maps terrific. Combined with the late William Y'Blood's charts of each of the major raids on 19 June, a much-much better grasp of unfolding events is possible than via the USN primacy sources. Just goes to prove that History owes a great deal to folks who write without the benefit (or encumbrance) of a bunch of letters behind their names." Barrett Tillman, author of  Clash of the Carriers


Books by Vincent P. O'Hara


"[Struggle for the Middle Sea] is an important work which will be a necessary point of reference for any serious student of the operational history of the Mediterranean sea war. It achieves its goal of reassessing sea battles on the basis of the evidence and not through long-standing and unquestioned prejudice." Derek Law, University of Strathelyde in The Mariner's Mirror, May 2010.

"The U.S. Navy Against the Axis helps to fill a void in the history of the Second World War and will prove valuable to any student of naval history." Benjamin Armstrong, Journal of Military History, July 2008.

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Vincent P. O'Hara

Books by Richard Worth

"With a substantial library of good books on the fighting ships of the last century and a half, I am glad to add Richard
Worth’s Fleets of World War II to my collection."--Frank Uhlig, Jr., Naval War College.

"Fleets of World War II probably represents the best single-volume comprehensive treatment of World War II warships available today."--William Jurens, Warship International.

"In a perfect world, the information contained in [Shadow of the Battleship] would be standard in other books on the subject, but since it isn't, Worth's book is a nice complement to books like Conway's."--Christopher Weuve, naval analyst

"Raising the Red Banner is a thoroughly accessible, readable, and affordable introduction to a complex, fascinating and
unfairly neglected subject."--Stephen Dent, Warship 2009

In the Shadow of the Battleship
Raising the Red Banner
Fleets of World War II