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"On Seas Contested is likely to become an immediate success, as it provides a unique one-volume reference to the world's navies in WWII. Historians and enthusiasts alike will appreciate the format: a well-organized, authoritative compilation detailing structure, command, and deployment of naval forces. One suspects that the chapters on the smaller navies will be especially well received, as relatively little has been written about the French, Italian, and Soviet navies in English. Inclusion of the commonwealth navies in the British chapter is equally welcomed."  BARRETT TILLMAN, author of Whirlwind: The Air War Against Japan, 1942-1945.



Naval Review: February 2011       STORIA Militare: December 2010
STORIA Militare translation
SeaPower Magazine December 2010
Warship International March 2011

More Endorsements:

"A work with a novel and effective approach that, based on its parallel format, allows the reader to compare the efficiency of the main navies that fought the Second World War. The book goes beyond simple technical characteristics and warship counts as it's decicated to the invisible elements in a navy that are, in fact, decisive." ERMINIO BAGNASCO, editor of Storia Militare

"On Seas Contested is outstanding for many reasons; two that merit special mention are the inclusion of the sections on the French and Soviet Navies - usually left out of most works on the naval  facets of the Second World War, and the wealth of detail on all navies. It is a  'must have' on the shelf of anyone researching or writing on the maritime aspects of the Second World War." MAJOR GENERAL JULIAN THOMPSON, author of Dunkirk: Retreat to Victory.