Authors: Enrico Cernuschi and Vincent P. O'Hara




Enrico Cernuschi of Pavia, Italy is a noted naval historian and the author of sixteen books including I sette minuti di Punta Stilo (Rivista Marittima 1998); Domenico Cavagnari: Storia di un Ammiraglio (Rivista Marittima 2001); La vittoria in prestito: il potere marittimo e l'8 settembre 1943 (Rivista Marittima 2003); La Marina italiana nella Seconda Guerra Mondiale: una bibliografia critica (1944- 2009) (Rivista Marittima 2010). He is the co-author (with Erminio Bagnasco of Le navi da guerra Italiane 1940-1945 (Ermanno Albertelli 2003) and, with Vincent O'Hara, of Dark Navy: The Regia Marina and the Armistice of 1943 (Nimble Books, 2009). Mr. Cernuschi's work has appeared publications including Rivista MarittimaStoria Militare and Warship.

Vincent P. O'Hara of Chula Vista, California is a naval historian and the author of The German Fleet at War 1930-1945 (Naval Institute, 2004), The U.S. Navy Against the Axis: Surface Combat 1941-1945 (Naval Institute, 2007), The Struggle for the Middle Sea: The Great Navies at War in the Mediterranean Theater, 1940-1945 (Naval Institute, 2009) and the co-author with Enrico Cernuschi of Dark Navy: The Regia Marina and the Armistice of 1943 (Nimble Books, 2009). His work has also appeared in periodicals and annuals including Warship, MHQ and Storia Militare. He holds a history degree from the University of California,  Berkeley.


Italian chapter

The authors have enjoyed a productive collaboration publishing articles in the annual Warship highlighting aspects of the Italian Regia Marina of the Second World War, and in other publications including Seaforth Navy Review, World War II, World War II History  and World War II Quarterly.  For samples see:

Italy and the Pacific War from World War II Quarterly


For expanded reference of Chapter 4 The Regia Marina see.

Chapter 4 expanded notes

Naval Radar


Other Books


O'Hara and Cernuschi  have co-authored Dark Navy: the Regia Marina and the Armistice of September 1943 (Nimble Books, 2009). It is a deeply-researched and highly readable account of the uncertaintly surrounding the events of September 1943. Dark Navy refutes the commonly held notice that Italy's fleet abjectly surrendered to Allied power. For more information see:

Dark Navy

Other works by Enrico Cernuschi


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