Dr. Peter Schenk was born in 1953 at Hildesheim, Germany. He works as a dentist in Berlin and joined the Gröner Group in 1973. His first work was a book on Operation Sealion Invasion of England 1940 followed by a description on the German Navy in the Aegean in WW II, Kampf um die Ägäis. He also contributed to Erich Gröne's Die deutschen Kriegsschiffe 1815 – 1945 and currently presides over the Gröner Group. He is preparing new books with other members on German netlaying and landing vessels. See Kampf um die Ägäis

Karsten Klein was born in 1973 at Duesseldorf and grew up at Stuttgart. After high school he studied law at the University of Passau and worked in Nuremberg as an attorney for some years. He now lives in Stuttgart again and works for the Ministry of Finance of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. When he got in contact with Peter Schenk, he joined the Gröner Group in 2006. His focus lies on the history of amphibious warfare and the technique of landing ships and craft with an emphasis on the World War II period. Currently he and Dr. Schenk are preparing a book about the development of German landing craft.

Dr Axel Niestlé, born 1961 at Bielefeld , Germany, lives with his family at Dabendorf near Berlin. Married to his wife, Katrin, they have one daughter and four sons. Dr. Niestlé joined the Gröner Group in 1988, he has written numerous books, articles and papers on German U-boat operations and U-boat technology. With German U-boat losses becoming one of his favorite research topics, his work led to more than a hundred loss reassessments over the last twenty-five years. He also works frequently as a free-lance consultant for TV-documentations on U-boat warfare and U-boat wreck dive expeditions.  See Reluctant Allies: German-Japanese Naval Relations in World War II German U-Boat Losses during World War II.

Dieter Thomaier was born in 1940 at Heidelberg , Germany. He studied mechanical engineering and worked in the aerospace industry for nearly four decades, finishing as head of a ramjet test department. A professional background like this is very helpful in analyzing technical developments in the maritime field. Retired now, he has lived in Potsdam since 2001. Also in 2001 he joined the Gröner Group and has contributed to some of the group’s projects. He has lectured on armor and underwater protection of German capital ships and is preparing a book on this subject.

Berndt Wenzel was born in 1945 at Pressel-Eilenburg , Germany . He lives as a journalist in Berlin and joined the Gröner circle in 1964. He studied civil enginering in Berlin. His first work was on technical details for the great publication, Die deutschen Kriegsschiffe 1815 – 1945 by Erich Gröner. He is a co-author of Die Schiffe und Boote der deutschen Seeflieger and Tanker und Versorger der deutschen Flotte. Later followed a work on the Hamburg class destroyers of the Federal German Navy and Strassenfahrzeuge deutscher Eisenbahnen with details about special transports of German warships in WW II. From 1980 he was editor-in-chief of the German navy magazine Marine Illustrierte. At the moment he is preparing new books with another author on the topic of German warships from 1945 to today. See Tanker und Versorger der deutschen Flotte 1900-1980



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