Author: John Jordan

John Jordan is a former teacher of modern languages and lives in Gosport (near Portsmouth), UK. Formerly a specialist in the postwar Soviet Navy, he authored Soviet Warships: The Soviet Surface Fleet 1960 to the Present (1983), Soviet Submarines 1945 to the present (1989) and Soviet Warships 1945 to the Present (1992), all for Arms & Armour Press in association with the US Naval Institute Press. During the same period he also contributed to studies of the Soviet Navy published by Westview Press (Boulder, Colorado). Following the collapse of the Soviet Union he turned his attention to the French Marine Nationale of the interwar period, producing a series of articles on the submarines and on the major classes of surface warship for the prestigious annual Warship from 1991 to the present. In 2005 John became editor of Warship, and in 2009 co-authored French Battleships 1922-1956 with Robert Dumas.





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This book, published in 2009 is the definitive reference on its subject. Using a wealth of primary-source material, some of which has only recently been made available, the authors provide a full account of the development and a detailed analysis of the design characteristics of the Dunkerque and Richelieu classes. The technical chapters are interspersed with operational histories and the work is extensively illustrated with hundreds of photographs and technical drawings.  To order

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